25 June, 2014

Milwaukee, WI

Minneapolis invades the Riverwest Public House this weekend with 2 killer shows 

Mary Allen flier by Matt Plain

Anonymous Choir flier by Faythe Levine

11 June, 2014

Milwaukee, WI

Summer market season is finally here. The East Side Green Market, which I co-coordinate kicks off this Saturday, June 14th. Midnight Reruns will be playing an unplugged set of sorts, beginning at noon. Students from Pius High School will be selling their artwork. We Grow Greens, a nonprofit that teaches teens how to grow food, will also be there. All this in addition to our regular mix of farmers, jewelers, soap makers, handmade and vintage clothes purveyors, and more. The market is presented by the East Side BID.

This beautiful poster was designed and printed by Adam Beadel of Team Nerd Press

15 May, 2014

Milwaukee, WI

READ & SHARE:: A popular Egyptian TV personality recently accused internationally-recognized Egyptian political muralist and street artist Ganzeer of being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Beyond being categorically false - Ganzeer has been a critical voice of institutional oppression and power since the revolutionary uprisings began in 2011 - this accusation carries extraordinarily dangerous implications. The Muslim Brotherhood, the political party of the ousted former president Mohammed Morsi, was recently designated a terrorist organization. Since then, the crooked court system has sentenced thousands of people to death in several mass trials.

The explosion of street art in Egypt since the uprisings began has helped to empower, inspire and challenge the communities that engage with it. Take a minute to check out Ganzeer’s piece and his work more generally. 



On Friday, May 9th, a television show called “Al Raees Wel Nas” (The President and the People), hosted by TV personality Osama Kamal, accused me of being recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood. As you may already know, the Muslim Brotherhood has been officially designated as a terrorist…


“The archetype of the witch is long overdue for celebration. Daughters, mothers, queens, virgins, wives, et al. derive meaning from their relation to another person. Witches, on the other hand, have power on their own terms. They have agency. They create. They praise. They commune with nature/Spirit/God/dess/Choose-your-own-semantics, freely, and free of any mediator. But most importantly: they make things happen. The best definition of magic I’ve been able to come up with is “symbolic action with intent” — “action” being the operative word. Witches are midwives to metamorphosis. They are magical women, and they, quite literally, change the world.”
— pamela j. grossman, the year of the witch

Many thanks to my friend Faythe for sending this my way. This is our year. From New Orleans, Happy New Year. 

25-26 July, 2013

Deerborn, MI to Kingston, Ontario  

One leg of a fast trip. 

15 July, 2013

Milwaukee, WI

In response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman on charges of second degree murder in the death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, thousands of people across the country took to the streets. The ‘not guilty’ verdict, which was announced late Saturday night, epitomized the failures of our system - a system that criminalizes Blackness and privileges individuals that can pass as White. The jury was all women, 5 White, 1 Latina. 

Trayvon was murdered February 26th, 2012. Zimmerman pleaded self-defense, despite having aggressively stalked and engaged Martin, and was released from custody. It took six weeks for Zimmerman to be charged. 

The case, which garnered international attention, symbolizes the disenfranchisement of Blackness in the courts and in American society. Trayvon Martin’s murder was not an isolated incidence of “self-defense.” The jury’s ruling illustrates the power asymmetries of racial profiling, who Stand Your Ground laws protect, and how violence against young Black men is condoned. The immunity of “White”-perpetrated violence, whether it be by neighborhood watchmen or the police, is cause for protest and should not be tolerated. 

Yesterday hundreds of people marched through downtown Milwaukee demanding justice for Trayvon Martin, Derek Williams, Bo Morrison, Corey Stingely, Darius Simmons, and all victims of White supremacy and institutional racism. Demonstrators marched from the Martin Luther King statue in Brewer’s Hill through downtown. They chanted as they walked and stopped at several intersections to allow community leaders and participants to share thoughts and stories. Folks marched through the city’s annual festival Bastille Days chanting Trayvon’s name and the names of various local victims. The rally finished back at the MLK statue, closing with commitments to keep the struggle for justice alive in the weeks and months ahead.

Of note, the trial for Darius Simmons, a 13 year-old boy who was shot to death May 31st, 2012 by his neighbor begins today in Milwaukee. Suspecting Simmons had broken into his house days before, 76 year-old John Henry Spooner used a 9mm handgun to shoot Darius Simmons at close range, while the boy was taking out his family’s trash. 

"After police arrived, Darius’s body remained on the sidewalk, while his mother (Larry) was questioned in a squad car for approximately two hours. During the investigation of the shooting, they searched Larry’s home again. Finding nothing relevant to the homicide, they nevertheless proceeded to arrest Darius’s older brother on account of truancy tickets.

In contrast, members of Spooner’s family were reportedly allowed to re-enter their home and remove “items” – despite it being part of the crime scene. Spooner himself was granted bail for $300,000 (meaning that only $30,000 would have to be posted for him to be freed). Appearing in court Monday 11 June, Spooner pleaded not guilty to first-degree intentional homicide.” — The Guardian

The trial for the murder of Darius Simmons begins Monday, July 15. The courtroom is in the Safety Building - Room 502: Solidarius - Pack the Court

30 June, 2013

Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee DIY trio Absolutely playing Jackpot Gallery as part of Breadfest


3:00pm-5:30pm // ALL AGES

Old Earth


So, as many of you may have heard, my friends band Scoundrel was involved in a terrible van accident on Monday. They are ok, suffering minor injuries, but their van was totaled, and most of their equipment destroyed. My house, The Keep, is having a benefit art show for Scoundrel. We will be accepting cash donations, and many artists are donating what is sold in their honor.  The art show itself will be awesome, considering we will have about a bagillion and a half of Chicago’s grooviest artists, drinks, food, and of course, fun.  Please come out to our house on May 25th at 10pm to support these awesome boys.  If you are an artist who wants to participate, please message me directly.  We want all types of art!  It really sucks that these talented mutha truckas had to go through this, but these are times when friends can do their best to help out!  <3  






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